Free Album from iTMS


If you’ve got an iTunes Music Store account, you can go download a free mix album of songs, courtesy of Apple.

Clicking this link will open iTunes and take you to the free album.

I can’t access iTMS from work, so don’t know how good the music is, but check it out and let us know. Here’s the list of tracks that you get:
– Blow It Out:Features
– All At Sea:Jamie Cullum
– Sunshine to the Rain:Miri Ben-Ari
– Lonely:Akon
– Golden Touch:Razorlight
– Every Time You Go Away:Brian McKnight
– Bigtime:The Soundtrack of Our Lives
– Laura:Scissor Sisters
– She Said:Brie Larson
– Jus Anotha Shorty:O’Ryan
– Sleeping With the Lights On:Teitur
– Reach Out, I’ll Be There:Michael McDonald
– TKO:Le Tigre

Thanks for the hot tip from the good folks at The Unnofficial Apple Weblog !


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