Archos PMA430- Linux PMC/PDA


Archos_pmaArchos preannounced the Personal Media Assistant (PMA430) at the CeBIT last year (called the AV500) and is finally showing the real thing at the CES.  This gadget is very interesting as it is a Linux based personal media center that does double duty as a Linux PDA.  The PMA430 has a 30 GB HDD, WiFi and USB host capabilities built right into the box.  Oh, it has a cool flip cover too, for all you Jornada fans.  Engadget has a host of cool photos of this beauty on their site.




I own an Archos PMA 430,

Screen is only landscape mode….

It weight is little less than 10oz.
It is about the same size as a Palm T3 if the slider is pull down.

It has alot to offer, 30gb hard drive, two usb ports. Music is outstanding, Video is very good, PIM are average.

It does run Linux and you have small computer in your hand.

You can surf the net, get e-mails. I look at installing MySql to it…

Mike Cane

I’ve been trying to find reviews of this and have come up empty. Anyone? Hello, jk! Request a review unit, willya?!

Mike Cane

Still, I’d like to know what apps it has and it can rotate the display to portrait… 30GB HD is nothing to sneeze at.

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