Another fired blogger


Friend and fellow blogger Jeremy Wright was fired this week for blogging about stuff that happened at work.  I won’t go into the details here, if you are interested you can get them from his web site or read an article in InformationWeek that covers it (Jeremy’s kind of famous- he’s the guy who sold his blog and then auctioned his blogging skills on eBay).  If it isn’t plainly obvious by now if you work for a company and you blog about it you run a real risk of being fired for it.  It doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong, if you get fired for it you are still fired.  Before you post about something funny/horrible/stupid that happened at work today think about the ramifications.  Your blog is a public forum and is no different than if you appeared on the local news and told the same story you are writing about.  Ask yourself if you would tell that story on the news.  Don’t work and blog.



Jeremy C. Wright
Writer / Blogger
Was hired as an IT guy, his responsibility was to secure his company’s network, but he was too busy blogging.

Jeremy is a shameless self promoter, stunts have brought traffic to his blog not content.

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