So why did Six Apart buy LJ?

So Six Apart bought LJ? Why? I have had a few days to think about this and the only conclusion I can draw is that they have “media ambitions.” Let me explain: The depth of the content, thanks to the breadth of the Six Apart network, offers opportunities for smart aggregation. Sometime in 2004, Six Apart had inked a deal with Kanoodle, one of the text ad insertion companies. Now by inserting “ads” from Kanoodle in the free portion of the network, or sharing some revenues with content creators (ala Google AdSense) Six Apart can become a vibrant-blog based media outlet. In the end that might be a smart strategy. We all know that soon the free weblogging services are soon going to swamp the paid services. Fred Wilson seems to be thinking along those lines as well. “It’s also a defensive move to protect Six Apart from the free services taking the market….I think you need to have a free service to be viable long term. I think there’s a big advertising opportunity on these free blog sites.  With contextual and behavioral targeting technologies, the traffic that these sites generate can be easily monetized,” Wilson writes.


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