No U on SonyStyle


No_uSpeculation about the often discussed Sony U750P UPC is ramping up again as the U has totally been removed from the SonyStyle US website.  The ultra-portable was there last week when I checked along with a lot of accessories available for purchase.  Today the U is gone and the only device specific accessory on the entire site is the enhanced battery for $299.  Who knows what is going on since Sony just announced the U last month and has recently started shipping them to US customers.  Hopefully it is just a site revamp but it definitely is a curious situation.  Maybe Sony is going to announce something at CES?



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Mike Cane

I’m certain the truth is this: They did a limited production run. It sold out. Now they are evaluating whether to bring in a new model with a larger HD (as in Japan). I think they will do so. (Fingers crossed! This is, after all, Sony!)


More bizarre still, has it under “What’s New” with a link to the notebook computers, and no U. The blurb reads “The Vaio(r) U Notebook, a full-sized PC in the palm of your hand.” They’ve really bungled the release of this. They seemed not to be serious about it from the beginning, with so little publicity.


hmm wtf? I just saw it in person at Fry’s Electronics last week, why would they start shipping it and then in less than a few weeks discontinue it?


Wendy D

Wow, you are right! I’ve been hemming and hawing about whether to keep or return this since my 30 day return policy is expiring soon, and this makes me nervous. I still want to order accessories, like maybe an external CD/DVD burner or extra docking station and power supply if I decide to keep it. I called Sonystyle and they confirmed it’s been discontinued and I can’t order accessories from them at this time – they said try back in a week or so. Is anyone else concerned about them discontinuing these?

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