Microsoft disses Pocket PC owners (again)


Geekzone has reported on a new service from Microsoft available today that promises to provide downloadable video for PlaysForSure qualified devices.  The MSN Video Downloads service will offer a one-year premium membership for a flat fee of $19.95 that gets you access to all content on the site and a free service that will get you a limited amount of downloadable video.  The service is intended to provide content for Portable Media Center devices with  "full Smartphone and Pocket PC optimization to be enabled at a later date".  And therein lies the rub.  The service requires Windows Media Player 10 which current Pocket PC owners cannot get.  Only a couple of new Windows Mobile devices are shipping with WMP 10 which leaves the vast majority of the large installed user base out in the cold.  Again.  I hope I am wrong about this because all current Windows Mobile devices running Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition provide excellent video playback but it looks like they won’t be able to use this new service from Microsoft.  Shame, shame.


cindy craft

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Yet another reason I hope that the UPC industry evolves.

I’ll take a PocketPC-sized convertible tablet/notebook any day to avoid this exact scenario.

I’d like to see M$ do this to the XP install base. They can’t even kill NT…


Hi people

iam just here to inform you about a project iam doing at this very moment – iam coding a “MTP-over-IP” implementation library for anyone free to use – mainly focused to be used on the pocket pc – the projects goal is to make it possible for the pc´s windows media player to recognize the pocket pc as a media device – to get the pictures, movies and music in and out of the pocket pc…just like with the pMCE´s and IPods of today…

Iam looking for developers helping me with this project… so – if there is anyone around… give me a shout…

Here´s the link to my weblog were i wrote about the project…:,guid,921f66eb-440a-4c64-8aa1-76ce90200050.aspx

Michael Earls

I’m guessing that it’s because of the logistics of downloading and managing the DRM licenses. When I download content like this for my Portable Media Center, I see lots of nice “updating license information” dialogs.

Just a guess, though.


I agree Frank but WMP 10 is just software so any device running the current OS (WM2003 SE) is capable of running this update. The reasons you stated for not providing it are probably correct but it is still us PPC owners being dissed, IMHO. And now MSN offers another service of potential value to PPC owners and we can’t participate.

Frank McPherson

James, this is the same thing that Microsoft did with Reader. My guess is that Microsoft doesn’t want to put money towards the expensive of making Media Player 10 and its DRM work for Windows Mobile 2003 devices, and obviously the hardware companies would much rather sell us new devices for $400 rather than sell an SE upgrade for $30. (Or provide it for free).

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