I am now a card carrying techno-geek


Marc Orchant started it by posting the score he got on this Nerd test.  Then Greg Hughes continued it by posting his score from this "Digital IQ" (geek) test.  So I had to take both of the tests and got these scores:

Nerd_level_3 Jk_digital_iq_1

Now that I know I am such a techno-geek/ nerd I’m all stressed out and need to work it out of my system so I’m going to go mod my LAN party box now.


Mike Cane

I scored 38 Nerdy. Wow. I don’t know. I think this might actually be *very* pathetic. Not nerdy enough for the 1337s. Too damned nerdy to stomach regular people. As usual, I’m an outcast. GOOD!

Jason Schapiro

I got 63 on the nerd meter and 141 on the digital IQ test. Time to brush up. ;)

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