Freeware of the Moment- Paint.NET

PaintnetToday’s Freeware of the Moment comes to us by way of Marc Orchant of The Office Weblog fame (among others), a never-ending fount of productivity-enhancing knowledge.  I am constantly wanting to do minor edits to images before posting them on jkOTR and the MS Paint program that comes with Windows is too anemic and Paint Shop Pro or PhotoShop are usually overkill.  Into this void steps a neat program based on the .NET framework, Paint.NET.  Paint.NET was developed as a computer science project by students at Washinton State University and it has evolved into a very nice image editing program.  It has some nice touches to make working with images very easy like semi-transparent toolboxes that let you see your image even when applying various tools.  While the tools available are very rich with filters, effects and a host of other fun stuff, what makes this program so useful is how easy it makes editing images while providing very sophisticated tools.  Well worth the download even if you just want to play around with a full-featured graphics program.  Whatever you do don’t miss their tutorial that demonstrates step-by-step instructions (with screens) how to work with layers and special effects.


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