A very VoIP CES

Sure there is a lot of focus on television, and other gizmos, but the big story at CES 2005 is voice-over-IP and the video-over-IP. Everyone who is anyone from the VoIP world is in Las Vegas. Andy is blogging from there, and so is Jeff Pulver. There is so much information that you could miss most of the good stuff. For instance, Microsoft Pocket PC 2005 has inbuilt VoIP support. Or that everyone from Viseon to TI to Visteon to WorldGate is talking up Video over IP phones. And that’s just one little aspect of the business. If you head over to Engadget, you will find a flurry of new products that are VoIP related. Too much to really keep up with! The flurry of announcements from Vonage is overwhelming. Mike has a great analysis of the impact of their wireless VoIP phone on the consumer market. “While some are now speculating that such a phone will represent a threat to mobile operators, that seems unlikely. The benefits to such a phone are unlikely to outweigh the limitations for most people. It’s only useful in some places,” he writes. Will try and stay on top of this, but you know it is a losing battle!