While I was Sleeping…


Update: The SixApart-Live Journal story of mine proved to be quite a hit. My Google rank is now #2 and I just learnt that it was the top story on BlogPulse yesterday!

Last evening a few minutes before NyQuil kicked in, I posted the Six Apart buying Live Journal story. With eyes drooping and head pounding, I fell asleep, only to wake up a few hours later with IM messages all across the Powerbook screen. I surfed to the website, and found that there were nearly 50 trackbacks on the post. An hour later, there were about 100. So far, there are 300 citations on Bloglines and more than 350 on Technorati (which by the way is the much new and improved service like their digs in SOMA). In other words, this story spread like a wildfire.

There have been many reactions to the story, some good, some bad, and some well skeptical. Let me assure you guys, this is 100% true and you will see it soon. This has to be the most exciting story for me to break. Why? Because it gave me a chance to see the news spread in realtime. So while I was sleeping, Google rank of “OM” jumped by one to #5 and I got slashdotted twice in two days. The story was #1 on Blogdex, which Acccording to Damon proves that bloggers are a self referential bunch. Perhaps.

Normally if anything like that happens, a server can come crashing down. Not if you are hosted on RackSpace. The servers didn’t even flinch in face of the reader onslaught. On another note, I was worried about the performance of WordPress in a high traffic situation. I shouldn’t have worried, because the new 1.5 version which is still in beta stood upto the challenge admirably. No surprise, then that Word Press was named webapp of the year by Ars Technica. A small recognition, but nevertheless worth noting. As for folks at Six Apart, I think 2005 is going to be their year. They have a lot of work to do, but then that’s something that hasn’t been an issue before.

On another note, did you notice that all bloggers managed to credit me for the scoop, though established trade pub eWeek, published a story, pretending that perhaps the scoop never happened.

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