Tronic Portable Multimeda Gadget almost gets it right


Pmg_1A company I have never heard of from Singapore has announced a Tablet-like computer that runs Windows XP.  The Tronic Portable Multimedia Gadget (PMG) is an interesting device with an 8.4" screen and is intended to appeal to the PDA and PMC crowd.  I think Tronic has a good idea but has missed the boat on two fronts- the VIA processor instead of Intel and not putting the Tablet Edition of the OS on the device.  I think the size of the PMG is close to my ideal for a Mini-Tablet but needs to be a real Tablet PC to realize its potential.  Full details on the Tronic web site and complete pics after the jump.

(via Shiny Plastic)




like i think that PMG will be the new generation of laptop it may take his place
but one small comment it has a very high price
cause the person who will buy it would buy a laptop instead of it with a lowest price


Wow that is much cheaper than a Sony U but also much bigger and heavier. If I wasn’t poor I might go for it. After converting the sizes its still a pretty small machine.


It has WiFi and Bluetooth – Pulled this off the website Overview:

“… With pen-writing recognition, virtual keyboard, video/audio features, USB ports, PCMCIA slots for GPRS/GPS/3G connectivity, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, the PMG can be used as a full function PC, e-book, MP3 player, wireless device, e-dictionary, PDA and more.”


I wish they’d show it in somebody’s hands so you can get a better sense of its size. I don’t see wifi listed. That’s too bad.


Looks good to me. I wish it didn’t have a bulge. What is the price?

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