The Strange Cult of Mac

Apple is suing ThinkSecret, and a bunch of other websites which have made a living out of virtual dumpster diving, and showing amazing chutzpah at digging out stories no mainstream media gets. MacWorld or other official mac pubs don’t do much enterprise reporting because Apple can turn the advertising spigot off and throttle them. The indies, who are getting sued do a lot of hard work in digging up stories. They are a combination of Bob Woodward and Dick Tracy. Think Secret, in my opinion is a good site, with a track record that resembles that of New York Yankees. I am amazed that Apple decided to sue them? I think their rumor-reporting creates a certain buzz for Apple’s forthcoming products. I posed the question to Leander Kahney, the author of book and blog titled, The Cult of Mac.

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“On the contrary. It’s not a buzzkill at all. It’s very exciting. The heavy-handed legal action only serves to verify the rumors, Kahney wrote in an email. “Though Nick DePlume’s ThinkSecret has been on a tear lately (he nailed the iMac G5 cold), I was skeptical. A headless iMac for $500? It’s too good to be true. And all the different functions: it’s a media server, a living room Tivo, etc. I figured it was wishful thinking. Likewise the free productivity software. These things have been rumored for years. Why would they pan out now?. But I’m skeptical no more. It looks very likely we’ll be seeing a cheapo iMac and Apple’s Office killer at Macworld for sure. Of course, it’s not so hot for Nick DePlume.”Daring Fireball has, as usual, a very succinct analysis of the situation.