Going to Macworld? We want you to report for us!


Well, I’m not sure how it happend, but somehow myself and all the writers here at The Apple Blog have managed to not be able to attend Macworld next week. Big bummer for sure. So, what we need is a rogue reporter to get in the trenches and do some major reporting for us.

We’re looking for atleast one (possibly 2-3) individual(s) who will be attending each and every day of the Macworld Conference in San Francisco next week.

If you’re interested, please contact us as soon as possible and hopefully we can work something out!


Josh Pigford

Yeah, I hate that none of us here can go. I really don’t know how on earth we managed to ALL have something that conflicted with it.


I was going to go, they sent me the passes and everything (of course, for free), but I have finals.. it sucks

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