Fujitsu Loox T70K/T- all that and TV too

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LooxThe Loox T70 is a great ultra-portable notebook with great specs and a small size built for travel.  According to Akihabara News Fujitsu has added a TV tuner to the diminutive notebook with full video recording capability.  Talk about a great idea for road warriors!  The Loox is only available in Japan unfortunately and you probably won’t be able to get this baby from an importer as the TV tuner is likely not compatible with the US frequencies.

(Akihabara News via engadget)

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Kevin C. Tofel

I like the concept behind the integrated TV tuners in a laptop with a decent screen. The only problem I’ve found with the one’s I’ve seen (the Tosh Qosimo & the HP DV 7000’s) is that they tend be BIG and heavy. When I say heavy, I mean in the 9 to 11 pound range!


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