First CES sighting- Fossil PDA Watch


Fossil_wrist_pdaYou know the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is big news when Good Morning America has a live segment from the trade show floor.  One of the first new gadgets they demonstrated for the television audience is the Fossil Wrist PDA, a Palm OS based watch (and I use that term lightly) that while large provides a full Palm PDA strapped to your wrist.  The PDA experience comes complete with a tiny stylus that slides into a silo on the watch which you are guaranteed to lose shortly after buying the watch.  Engadget also has an item this morning about the ill-fated watch that was rumored for a long time, cancelled by Fossil, and now resurrected again.  The watch is so, large, that I don’t see a lot of people rushing out to get one anytime soon.  OK, maybe real geeks who have all sorts of gadgets strapped to their belts might get one, but they’d still have all those gadgets around their waist anyway, I’ll bet.  Nobody has mentioned how heavy this watch is but it looks huge.  Why not just put a wrist strap on an OQO and wear that?  Oh right, you’d probably burn your arm.  $249.



Anthony, it sounds to me like you’re already hooked and the only cure for “gadget disease” is to buy one. Oh, and send me pictures and I’ll post them on jkOTR.


I’m thinking about getting one. There is a Fossil rep in Chicago thay meet show it to me soon.

Eventhough the screen is b/w, I might be able to use this device along with my small cell phone (Nokia 6230) and OQO. I hate redundancy though.

While pretending to write on my wrist it seems very affective.

I hate to say this but I might get one of these.

Mike Cane

>>>Why not just put a wrist strap on an OQO and wear that? Oh right, you’d probably burn your arm.

Now, now!

They should have made it a pendant or a pocket watch. It is too large, as you say.


jk, I might get one.
I still have my black ONHAND PC

however I have not worn it for over two years.

The lack of color might be what keeps me away from this.

Also, I used to think that the black ONHAND looked cool.

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