Why I cannot stop loving Apple?


This morning I woke up, with a sore throat, a backache and a runny nose. Classic symptoms of a flu! What a miserable way to start the day, and it got worse when I learnt that Apple had dropped the prices on its wonderful Cinema Displays by about $300. I had acquired one two weeks ago, and was feeling mighty miffed. To make matters worse, I could not find the receipt in the mess I like to call home. Still, I called Apple and well they said go talk to the retail store you purchased it from. Not wanting to waste any time, I took the serial # and the credit card and high-tailed it to the Apple store in San Francisco. Fifteen minutes later, I walked out, smile on my face, a day little brighter and oh… $299 credited back to me. Now you know why I can’t stop loving Apple! Yeah the Flu continues, and I have had to cancel my trip to CES. Oh well, you cannot win them all.

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