Sharp SL-C3000 reviewed


Zaurus_3I don’t know how I missed this review as I have been waiting and waiting for it but I guess the holidays got in the way and it just slipped by me.  PDA Buyers Guide is always on top with early reviews of units that are cutting edge and they have reviewed the Linux-based Sharp SL-C3000 PDA I mentioned last year.  The SL-C3000 is the first PDA to have an integrated 4 GB Microdrive and is an update of the very popular C860.  This clamshell device is a true laptop replacement, something that readers of this site will really appreciate it.  Head on over for the in-depth review with lots of photos and meanwhile here’s a quote to get you started:

Call the C3000 a super-PDA. It can handle your PIM needs and do much more. The large display, keyboard and clamshell form factor lend themselves to serious computing; be it web browsing, working with MS Office documents or watching videos. If you’re good with Linux, the possibilities are almost endless.



By the way, I stuffed a 4Gb Hitachi microdrive in my HP iPAQ 2215, so this gets me one of the swanky features of this device. ;)


I haven’t used a Zaurus yet, but I’ve thought about it.

How useable or close to the Linux notebook use is the Zaurus?

Is Firefox/Mozilla as useable as on a notebook?
My only problem with Linux notebooks is that in my corporate environment, there are a lot of .Net applications that simply don’t work on a non-Windows machine.

I think I’ve answered my question, but this kind of compromise is what keeps my team from going 100% Linux. I’m sad to say it, but we’re in a Windows-oriented world.


PDA defines a genre of device that has nothing to do with size. Your statement is not accurate as the C3000 is one of the most advanced PDAs on the market today. You cannot compare a $2000 computer to a sub $1000 PDA, it’s just not the same thing.

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