That didn’t take long- first Podcast Infomercial

Todd Cochrane is the brain behind the Geek News Central blog, a nice site with tech news of the day.  He has been producing a Podcast two or three times a week and it is pretty good. Todd also recently became a paid blogger in the controversial Marqui ad campaign that pays bloggers to write about their software.  Todd has been aboveboard about his involvement in this program and he always makes it very clear when one of his articles is a "paid" one about Marqui.

This is old news and I’m only mentioning it now to provide a little background so this news item will make sense.  This evening I received a notice from Todd that a special edition of his Podcast was now available for download. This special Podcast is an interview with Stephen King (no, not that one), the CEO of Marqui, where they both talk about Marqui and the Marqui software.  If I am not mistaken this just might be the first Podcast infomercial.  Todd is always ahead of the curve. You can find the special Podcast at this link. (35 mins.)


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