CES, when VoIP goes mainstream


One of the most interesting aspects of this year’s CES is the number of VoIP related events, and product launches. Jeff Pulver is putting together Consumer VoIP Summit, and VoIP TechZone. Vonage is going to announce a slew of new phones, one of them from VTech is actually making the news on Engadget. Vonage has one of its own planned as well, and is built by UTStarcom. (Photos over at Engadget!) UTStarcom, by the way is going to have new cool stuff on display and so will others like Zyxel and Soyo Group. Among other announcements, expect a new Cordless IP chip from DSP Group, TI will be demoing a new IP video phone and a new network design. By the way TI today announced that Viseon is using their chip for their VisiFone. And lastly there will be news from service providers like Dial Pad. With all the hoopla, and ensuing press coverage, I am pretty sure CES will make VoIP a mainstream curiosity. E-Week has a pretty good report on CES & VoIP.

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