ASUS A730W VGA Pocket PC reviewed


Asus_a730w_markedI have been a champion of VGA Pocket PCs for a long time and always like to see good reviews of these devices.  PDA Buyers Guide has reviewed the Asus A730W with its 3.7" VGA screen, 128 MB RAM/ 48 MB ROM and integrated Bluetooth and WiFi.  The Asus has the fullest specs you will find in any Pocket PC and the PDA Buyers Guide review is a very nice one, typical for the site.  The only thing in the review that surprised me was seeing the Asus comes with Windows Media Player 9 instead of the newer version 10.  WMP 10 is not user upgradable so this means that Asus buyers do not get the latest WMP technology available and have no way to upgrade.  Hopefully Asus will provide a firmware update in the future.  Read the review to see what PDA Buyers Guide thinks about it- I have a feeling they liked it.

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