Ultranote comparison- OQO vs Sony U


UltranoteUltranote has a great article that compares the features and size of the OQO and Sony U ultra-portable computers.  There are a lot of photos which drives home how small these two jewels are.  The author also compares the two devices feature for feature which should be taken with a grain of salt as the two devices are pretty different.  Anyone curious about either of these devices should not miss this article.

(Photo used permission of Ultranote.  Thanks!)


Mike Cane

You might as well get the original Sony U series with keyboard instead of waiting for the Flipstart!

Very interesting OQO vs U comparison. I keep getting whiplash trying to decide between the two (hah! as if I had the $$$ right now!). Sony: spare my neck! Do a U series ala OQO! (Use the OQO-like design from the final CLIE!)


The FlipStart looks pretty interesting but has no touchscreen. It must be run totally from the keyboard/ trackpoint which really limits its usefulness for me.


Fascinating comparison. Clearly the power users are going to want the Sony, but the OQO seems like an elegant machine, too. I’m eager to see how the Flipstart compares. Unfortunately, I can never remember that name, and always have to look it up. But I definitely agree a slightly larger tablet would be the killer form factor.

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