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Update: Folks, there have been some changes in the site, as you might have noticed. In order to battle the increasing amount of comment spam, I have switched to log-in/register format. You can still post without registering, but the comments will be moderated, and there will be a slight delay. Comments by registered users, show up instantly, though I need to approve them once.

It has helped cut down spam over past two days and I think this is a formula which is working. Secondly, no intention of sending any commercial email messages so don’t worry. Apart from an occasional greeting or two, you are unlikely to get any emails from me. II have rolled out a feature where registered users can submit entries ala Slashdot.

Hopefully, this will help foster our little community. All this is obviously costing money, so i you can, perhaps consider subscribing to Business 2.0, in case you are not a subscriber. Actually every subscription from GigaOM readers puts $2 in my pocket, and perhaps it would be one way to accumulate dollars for my next computer – a Dual G5 Apple Desktop. The form for subscriptions is in the right column and hopefully you will sign-up.

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