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Hong Kong ‘ring-ring’: An ad in every call

I love being right. Ringtonia has pointed to an article in the Asia Times about “Ad Phone”, which aims to replace the “ring ring” you hear when you call someone with an advertisement. When I postulated the idea a month ago in this article I suggested it would be an alternative to ringback tones, whereas the system patented by Ad Phone has the caller as the one who joins the service. This provides even more reason for the program to be “incentivized”, to quote the bastardization of the english language used in the article. People will only sign up for the service if the ads offer them something concrete, or they get some other kickback such as cheaper calls.
Emily Turrettini, who edits Ringtonia, also raised an issue with the claim by Ad Phone that it had patented the technology. “What troubles me is their claiming to have patented ringback tones (?). By my books, Ringback tones, called Color Ring, were pioneered by SK Telecom in Korea and launched in April 2002. After China and Hong Kong, they launched in Europe and America in 2003.”

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