3G Comes to America

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Network World is running a story and review of various different 3G options in the United States. They put Verizon’s Broadband Access and AT&T’s UMTS service to the test. However, don’t take this story too seriously. The writer, Chuck Sharp, says keep an eye out on services like Monet Mobile. Sharp by the way is VP of sales for something called ITSPA. Surely, he must have checked to see if the service is still available. In case he did not notice on the home page, Monet Mobile suspended service last March. Why do I know this? For one, I thought at one time that services like Monet represented the future, and wrote as much in my book Broadbandits. He also talks about other providers like IP Wireless. Now I am not aware of IP Wireless service in the US barring a trial in the bay area which only company executives can use. Secondly, I thought IP Wireless was an equipment provider. Oh well, it still is a review, so check it out -)

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M Freitas

Woosh (http://www.woosh.co.nz) is a WCDMA service based on IP Wireless technology here in New Zealand.

I wrote an entry in my blog that, although it does not offer roaming overseas (it’s possible, but where to use it?) it’s a very good option for users in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch. With speeds between 256Kpbs and 512Kbps, USB or PC card options it’s a flexible service.

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