VoIP Un-Predictions


Everyone is offering their VoIP predictions for 2005. This one seems more possible, but I am refraining from making any predictions. I think most people are overtly optimistic about VoIP and its impact in the near term. I am taking a more long term view of the whole situation. I guess, in coming months we will see a sharp increase in mindless dollars chasing VoIP start-ups, venture capitalists will become born-again VoIP enthusiasts and fund anything and everything. But when the next holiday season rolls around, most of the 400 service providers will face their moment of truth and perhaps will go the way of the DSL wannabes. Investment bankers will pump up this stocks and 2005 will be a memorable year for those who are in for a quick buck. Still, it will be a noteworthy year, for it will give the hacks something to write about.

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