Bluetooth Viruses Cometh

Well it was too good to last. Bluetooth spam and blue-jacking were already some of the problems for us near-network freaks, and now we have bluetooth viruses and worms to content with. The reports of this new bluetooth virus comes courtesy of James Seng, who almost caught one while zipping through Malaysia.

We were stopping at a small town in Malaysia for food and drink when my N-Gage notify me of an incoming bluetooth message. I rejected it (suspecting foulplay) but it just refused to go away until I click ‘Ok’. I did and a few second later, I got a CARIBE.SIS file in my message and prompting me to install. P

Typically the virus drains power from the battery in a couple of hours because it tries to propagate via bluetooth and beams itself to all open bluetooth connections. McCafee has an alert out on this particular virus – Caribe.SIS and it says the damn thing is a bitch to uninstall. Be careful folks!