Palm and Pocket PC freeware listing available

Most users are like me when it comes to always being on the lookout for good free programs for their Pocket PC or Palm OS PDA.  Two of the best web sites for keeping an eye out for these types of programs are FreewarePPC and FreewarePalm.  These sites have huge listings of free programs for both Palm and Windows Mobile based devices and you will find mini-reviews, user rankings and screenshots of all programs.  I have long wished you could access the program listings by user rankings as this is a good criteria for weeding out the gems from the germs.  Jon Aquino has wanted to do this too and he has put a lot of work into extracting the program listings from both sites and then sorting them by user rankings.  He has done both the PPC listings as well as the Palm program listings and has created two listings for each, one with screenshots and one without for those who want to cut the size of the list.  This is a very useful way to look at this information in a no-frills way.  If you are interested you will find the Pocket PC listing here and the Palm listing here.


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