Top Ten and Happy 2005


Dear Readers,

Happy 2005. I hope the new year brings you all a lot of joy and happiness. I enjoyed writing for you in 2004, and perhaps I will try and do better in the new year. I appreciate your support and wanted to take a minute to thank you all for making this a year of hyper growth for my weblog. I am ending the year with about 1.25 million page views a month (December) and a substantial increase in the RSS subscriptions. It has been a fun 2004, and 2005 promises to be even more interesting. As you might have noticed, there is a change in design. I thought, well a new year deserves a new look. It is cleaner and sure a tad geeky but simple. The basic design was put together by Brian (werd!) and Matt helped me hack together the templates etc. Thanks Matt! Open Source Rules!



Here is the December Top Ten:

* The Route Game, 25,677 page views
* Nicholas Reville Interview by James Enck, 15,348 page views
* Sprint, Nextel, aka Sextel is done, 10,284 page views
* An Apple for your Home Theater by Jonathan Greene, 6827 page views
* The next hot pocket pc, 4,358 page views
* End of the Personal Blogger, 3,984 page views
* Samsung e315, a really worthy upgrade, 3,634 page views
* There really is an iPhone, 3,160 page views
* Razr Burn and OS-X hack, 3,028 page views
* Voom going to echostar?, 3,007 page views.


Anand Jain

Happy New Year 2005!!!! Keep coming up with good stuff, we’ll keep lapping it up.
btw, I’m first to post a comment in 2005. Heeehaaw!

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