Sigma Bluebox- HDTV on your monitor


Transform your PC monitor into a HDTV with the Sigma Bluebox HD II receiver. 

  • Sigma_bluebox_3 Features
    Low cost HDTV converter
    Plug & play (No software required)
    Portable size (easy to carry)
    Compatible with display devices
    ATSC support (1080p/i/720p/480p)
    NTSC support (analog TV)
    Digital audio support (SPDIF)
    Multi aspect ratio(16:9/4:3/letterbox)
    RGB or DVI-out port
    High color on screen display
    Auto channel scan/programming
    Programmable OSD transparency
    PC to TV mode switching
    PVR functions with PCs
    Closed caption/V-chip support
    USB1.1/2.0 compliant
    1394 support (optional)
    EPG support (optional)
    Universal remote control

(via engadget)

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