riteMail imports DigiMemo files


The article I posted a few days ago about the Acecad DigiMemo digital writing tablet has sparked a lot of interest from people who cannot afford a Tablet PC.  Tony of EverNote, the company behind the riteMail program, says that later versions of riteMail (version 2.5.59 and up) can import the DigiMemo’s .dhw files and convert them to text.  This makes this cheap tablet a very viable option for students or other folks who need to get their notes into text.



Yeah, I’m going back to school soon and I’ve been looking for better ways to take notes. This pad + Evernote is looking very good.

*Only* thing that would hold me out for just getting a more expensive Tablet PC is the way OneNote will record audio and time stamp your ink notes to the recording, so your written notes can be more like a table of contents to a lecture.

Of course, if Evernote would implement this feature — audio notes correlated in time to ink notes — then it would replace OneNote even more completely, but you’d still need a computer in class and some sort of pen interface….


Nice! Now that’s a compelling reason to get one! Of course I don’t know why, as I usually leave my ink as ink..

Now if only you oculd import it as ink for use with journal, onenote (although it handles ink differently), etc.. :D

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