High (VoIP) Noon in Colorado

Denver-based Qwest and Comcast are getting ready to battle over VoIP customers, according to The Denver Post. Qwest is going to roll out is VoIP service in its region of 14 states early next year, just in time to catch the first salvo from Comcast, which is going to be ready to roll out its service within weeks now.

By next week, about 50 percent of Comcast’s network will be equipped to handle VoIP and other advanced services, said Comcast spokesman Robert Smith. By the end of 2005, 95 percent of it will have the necessary upgrades.

Qwest had 15.6 million access lines at the end of third quarter 2004, compared with 16.3 million one year earlier. It clearly is losing customers to cable, and wireless. It is taking the right approach and trying to disrupt and reinvent itself. Comcast, on the other hand is all about adding a little more to the cable bill.


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