Firefox share a solid 35%, IE down 20%!

Jkotr_browser_share_1 Most web sites track a variety of statistics about the visitors that access the site and one of the most discussed statistics is browser share.  Firefox has taken the world by storm with like a bazillion downloads since version 1.0 was released.  A lot of discussion can be found all over the web about the rising percentage of site visitors that are using Firefox as opposed to Internet Explorer.  I have been watching it on jkOTR too and for the past month the Firefox/ Mozilla share is a solid 35% which is nothing short of amazing.  Equally amazing is the dramatic drop in the Internet Explorer numbers as they have dropped from 75-80% just two months ago to around 50%!  Of course, my statistics may be skewed due to the tech-savvy nature of the visitors to this site.  :)  Firefox is that good.


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