What HP and Carly can do for Tsunami victims


Hewlett Packard has been trying to position itself as the digital photo/imaging company for years, and very successfully so. It has been a good corporate citizen and has helped many worthy causes. Now it has a chance to do something even bigger. How about Carly and her team mobilize a team of volunteers, and give them digital cameras, and printers and have HP India set-up a giant database. All those who have passed on can be photographed, and their images put into a database by the region, by city or by village. I think the biggest challenge facing the countries affected by this tragedy will be to get information about the missing. Those who are searching for their loved ones can go into one place, and scroll through the photos of those who are not amongst us. I think this is the greatest gift Carly can give to a mother torn from her son, a wife separated from her husband. Sure it might sound morbid, but it could give people hope and closure. Lets put technology to use – for the people!

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