Tsunami disaster relief


I haven’t mentioned the terrible disaster in Southeast Asia but it has been on my mind as it has so many others.  There is a site that has collected links from many of the relief organizations that are collecting donations to help the poor folks in this region who are coping with a situation most of us cannot fathom.  Please help out if you can.

As terrible as this disaster is for those in the region it would be a good thing for us to remember that there are people in our own communities that need help every day of the year.  It is always wonderful to see the global community come together to help in a disaster such as this tsunami horror but let us also give thanks for what we have by helping others in our areas.  There are a lot of organizations in our own communities that need help all the time so after you give what you can to help out the disaster victims we see on the news, do not forget the local people who also need your help.  It doesn’t have to be donations, if a few thousand people can spare just a few hours each month it can make a tremendous difference to people who can use the help.

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