Selling Apple Computers and the “Halo” Effect


Not that Halo.
The iPod’s success has drawn so many Windows PC users to the Apple brand. The Halo effect is the resulting purchase of other Apple products – namely computer systems – because people have come to love the iPod so much. It’s brilliant, and Apple is looking to have a major year in 2005, all do to the little mp3 player that could.

I’ve done my part too. I’ve evangalized Apple to pretty much anyone who shows a glimmer of intereste (a 17″ powerbook is good at starting conversations) – co workers, friends, family, etc have all asked questions and I’ve been more than happy to tell them anything they want to know (and then some!)
In fact, I’ve had 4 or 5 friends purchase Apple computers this year. All of them have had at least a little to do with my evangalism of the products. Of those 4 (there’ll be a 5th early in 2005), 3 of those people had an iPod first and started asking questions later. So I’ve seen this Halo effect first hand.

It’s very impressive, the things that Apple is doing. OS X (with Spotlight in Tiger not too far off – I hope) is an incredible OS to work within. So simple, so elegant, so fun. The hardware not only performs amazingly well, but looks like artwork on your desk or in your pocket as well. Apple products are just awesome, and more people are coming to notice this. That the iPod seems to be the vehicle for that realization is just awesome.

So if you’re a windows user – pick yourself up an iPod and talk to a mac-user friend…


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