Outlook and the Tablet PC


Marc Orchant of The Tablet PC Weblog has a great article explaining why Microsoft OneNote is the note-taking program he keeps coming back to for daily use with his Tablet PC.  Many Tablet owners are trying to decide if other note-taking programs would better serve their needs and Marc does a good job summing up his experience in this area.  From Marc:

I’ve tried a wide variety of tools in my search for a ubiquitous capture tool and so far, no single application has proved to be more flexible and powerful than OneNote. In the past year, I’ve used GoBinder (extensively), tested EverNote (still in beta and quite promising), and investigated the potential of a number of other tools including Optimal Desktop, Omea Pro, and the latest round of offerings in the web collection space – ContentSaver, Net Snippets Pro, and Onfolio.

It is impressive that Marc still comes back to OneNote over all of these programs.  Even more impressive is how he has time to evaluate all of these programs.  :)



OneNote should run fine on the OQO- it doesn’t have heavy requirements. It runs fine on either passive or active digitizers. The inking in OneNote is really well done, although they are still tweaking it at MS (they never stop). On the Tablet OS OneNote can take advantage of ink conversion that is not available on not Tablet OSes. Inking itself works fine, however.

Mike Cane

Does OneNote run on the OQO? Does it really prefer the type of digitizer the Sony U series has?

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