Fiber survives the Tsunami


Call this a strange twist of fate. In a tragedy which has taken thousands of lives, the life line of new economy – the fiber cables have survived the worst tragedy in the history of South Asia. Light Reading reports that the telecom services, after some minor outages are back to normal. Four large cables that connect India to rest of Asia were not affected, the report says. Videsh Sanchar Nigam’s Tata Indicom-Chennai-Singapore cable, SEA-ME-WE-2 and SEA-ME-WE-3, and the Western Africa Submarine Cable (WASC) were not affected; neither was Bharti Tele-Ventures Ltd.’s 3,200 kilometer cable connecting Chennai, India, with Singapore. These are the cables over which much of the outsourcing traffic to-and-from India travels. Many US retailers, banks and credit card companies operate call centers that use these cables. In a sense, this tragedy also proved that even in worst case scenario, the work of money continues. Sad, but true!




its just sad.

i read this blog because you are on the pulse, sometimes you are the pulse of what you write about.

i cannot think of anything other than the losses that have transpired because of this event.

perhaps that is only i though. wait…it can’t be.

these are times when all else should take a backseat, even if it means shining a light on the subject amtter of your blog.

is what happened in asia the beginning of the end

Scott Rafer

I don’t think that it is sad at all. I think that South Asians are going to need to be as economically linked as they possibly can be for the next couple of years as the bulk of the recovery goes on. International trade, particularly of information work, can be re-started much quicker and give them the financial resources to get back on their feet a lot more quickly than other scenarions.

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