$500 Apple Computers!


Rumor has it that we may be hearing about a $500 “headless” iMac at the MacWorld Expo in just a couple short weeks. It’s purpose would be to target all the windows users who are a part of the Halo Effect that’s all the buzz lately. That is, the folks who’ve bought an iPod, loved it, and are now looking more seriously into buying an Apple Computer.

I’m suspicious of this rumor for one main reason – the iMac has always been known as an all-in-one machine. Making it headless would defeat the iMac image.
I think there’s a lot of potential in the rumored $500 Apple system, but I don’t think Apple will brand it as an iMac per se.

Some details are as follows:
thin housing, less than 2 inches!
G4 processor, probably above 1 ghz
256mb ram
combo drive, though super drive would likely be an upgrade option
firewire 400
usb 2

Sounds as if an iLife package (without the iDVD) may come loaded, as well as Appleworks.

The low price mainly seems to be coming as a result of omitting the display. Leaving the consumer to choose the display they’d like. That’s great, cuz I’ve got a few unused 17″ CRTs laying around at home that would do the job. Whether it will DVI, VGA, or an adapter to handle the display connection is not known yet.

This would be huge for Apple. I think they’d sell as many to curernt Apple customers as they would to current Windows users – and that’s to say I think it’ll be a lot!

Keep your calendars clear for the MacWorld Keynote on January 11th to see if there’s any truth here!!!

Slashdot and Think Secret seem to be calling it “confirmed”. Hope so!



To be contrairian, I’m betting it’s not a headless Mac but a media server instead (maybe with DVR). A slimed down, consumer oriented xServe :-)

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