Peerio’s Dmitry Trashes Skype, PBX

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Internet Telephony talks to Popular Telephony founder Dmitry Goroshevsky who promptly trashes the whole concept of PBX. “What do I need all this infrastructure for if I just need a phone? There is no longer a need for an $80,000 PBX (or IP-PBX) or even the need to spend $1,000 for a SIP end-point phone.” He points out Skype’s security problems, and why network admins hate it. You can read that really long-ish interview or head on over to Business 2.0 and get a quick fix. So how does this work? “I cannot explain technologically how it works, because obviously it’s a secret. Basically, by you using our core as let’s say you would use a database engine. The only difference is that it’s not running on any kind of server, but it’s actually running on all the phones combined together,” Dmitry tells IT.

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Alex Androncik

If you are looking to integrate Skype into your business without having to worry about users running Skype on office desktops, an elegant alternative exists in SkyPBX. SkyPBX is a device that integrates Skype into existing PBX systems so that your employees can make/receive Skype calls by simply picking up their existing office phones.
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