Papyrus- enhanced calendar for Smartphones

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SBSH, the producers of the great Pocket PC program Pocket Breeze, have just released an enhanced calendar program for Windows Mobile based Smartphones.   Papyrus looks really nice and the screenshots show it to be a useful calendar replacement. The release is a public beta so Papyrus is free for the time being so if you have a Smartphone you should give it a try.


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Greg Meadows

JK I more than likely QA tested your Columbia VP. I worked on the assembly line as a kid testing all of their desktop MPC and “portable” VPs. Funny thing I was interviewed and hired at 16 and for years by boss assumed I was in college. Our job was to set the mobo voltages with a meter and glue them with fingernail polish, put them in the burn room and let ’em cook running a diagnostic test for 72 hours. They were never sued by IBM they just sold more than they could make. I remember sales guys coming onto the floor pulling units out of the burn room early and boxing them up – I saved my 1984 layoff letter.

For a brief time we installed 10MB hard drives I didn’t think it possible to use up such a large disk. I was the king of Zork also.

I have a VP in very poor condition because years later I couldn’t resist desoldering the RAM chips. My parents may have the packaged MS-DOS version 1.5 in their attic. I am looking for a replacement VP as a keepsake for display at home.

like the podcast

Greg in DC

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