Kaplan SAT/ACT prep comes to the mobile device


Kaplan has long been known as the authority when it comes to preparing college-bound kids for the dreaded SAT/ACT tests.  Recently they announced with Handmark the availability of Kaplan Mobile SAT/PSAT-ACT 2005.  The program contains over 1200 questions and tips to help prepare for these all important tests.  The software runs on Palm OS, Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones, Symbian, BREW and Java phones .  $29.99.


Oren Allon

This product is a joke. I find that much of Kaplan products are a joke. I have learned to NEVER trust what they advertise. Check out this scandal. On Kaplan’s website it says that the price of their SAT course is almost universally $1099.

But a friend of mine in NJ told me that if you go to the school where Kaplan is offering the course, then they will give you the course for $600-650!!

And don’t take NO for an answer. Kaplan will tell you that the reason for the discount is a partnership with those schools. I know for a fact that this is a lie. I talked personally with three administrators who said that they had ABSOLUTELY NO partnership with Kaplan and were not subsidizing the cost!

After much haggling, they gave my kid the discount. So call them, be relentless, talk to a manager if you have to, and get the discount for your kid!

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