Idiot’s Guide to Prodigem


James Enck has posted a 5MB torrent file to Prodigem, shot on his SPV C500, and he calls this A Luddite idiot’s testimonial on Prodigem. So why should we be paying attention? Enck explains: “Dozens of cities and towns are rolling out Wi-Fi as a way to spur economic development in low-income neighborhoods not yet reached by the private sector. Telephone companies and cable operators are looking to their DSL and cable-modem businesses for growth.”The implications of this really hit me last night when I was at a play in London. During the interval, making our way out into the lobby with the throng, I felt someone rub up against me in the crush, and turned to find myself face-to-face with Sting. I’m not a huge fan, but nevertheless, there I was with my video-enabled smartphone. I’m not the sort of person to take advantage of such a situation, but let’s just say it opened my mind to a lot of possibilities. Obviously these extend far beyond invading the privacy of celebrities, and may in fact be quite profound. And since I have one of dem’ new fangled video recorder phone thingies, I am with James on this one. Gawker should be recruiting some video reporters for this? Moving image gossip, priceless! What I would pay to see Brittney without make-up!

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