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Issue2_cover_welcome Tablet PCs are perfect for viewing electronic magazines and I am always on the lookout for good alternatives for reading material.  I stumbled upon Home Computer Magazine completely by accident and I have to recommend it as a good read.  The magazine is already on its second issue and it is jam-packed with interesting material.  HCM is a very professional magazine and it is totally free and exists solely in an electronic form.  The magazine is distributed in PDF format so it will work for just about everyone and is perfect for the Tablet PC.  I don’t normally care for the PDF format but it is nothing short of amazing what these folks in the UK have done with this format.  It won’t cost you anything so download an issue and see what I mean.



Thanks! I haven’t tried the Issue Manager as I don’t need yet another utility running in my System Tray. The magazine is very professional though, isn’t it?

Jon GH

Thanks for the info regarding this magazine. I followed the link and read the current issue – very impressive and I’m sure there will be plenty more interesting items in future issues. I also downloaded the free Issue Manager which delivered the previous isue and two supplements I’d have otherwise missed. I’d definetely reccommend this magazine to others.

BTW Keep up the good work – Thanks to your example I am trying to make more use of my M1200 TabletPC

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