Audible now supports Creative MuVo


Audible announced today they are now supporting the Creative MuVo TX, MuVo TX FM, MuVo Micro, and MuVo Slim portable digital audio players.  Owners of the Creative audio players can go to the Audible web site and download a firmware upgrade for the MuVo that enables storage and playback of Audible content.  From the press release:

In a co-marketing effort for Audible’s flagship AudibleListener(R) flat-rate monthly membership program, users of MuVo TX, MuVo TX FM, MuVo Micro, and MuVo Slim players will be offered one free month of AudibleListener, Audible’s unique membership plan that offers audio programming online that would otherwise cost more than $50 on tape or CD. Users will be able to choose between PremiumListener(R), a package of any two audiobooks from Audible’s industry-leading collection of 6,000 titles (regularly $21.95), or BasicListener(R), one audiobook and one 1-month subscription (regularly $14.95) from Audible’s Subscription Center.

(via Business Wire)

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