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DigimemoI get a lot of email from people wanting the ability to take notes that can be captured digitally into a computer.  These requests are mostly from students who can see the benefits of a Tablet PC but don’t have the financial means to get one.  I really haven’t been able to respond with anything that looks like it might work for them as most digital notepads have failed miserably.  However, it looks like there might be a viable product for these folks.

The Acecad DigiMemo A501 is a simple clipboard-like notepad that uses regular paper and a special pen for capturing your notes.  You can write anything you like on the page and when you are ready to capture the notes to your PC just connect the DigiMemo via USB.  The digital notepad comes with software that lets you work with your notes, mark them up, edit them, and save them in a number of image file formats.  It’s not a Tablet PC by any means but it might solve a nagging problem for those who just can’t afford a real Tablet PC.  Less than $100.



Does this require paper or can you draft on it with just the electronic pen or a stylus?


i`ve got a problem with my a501!
i miss pen icon on my digimemo`s LCD often when im writing,,
and i can write on 3 or 5 papers thickness only!!
what`s the problem??


Recently purchased the AcsCad A 501. For the life of me I am unable to get a completed file into the AcsCad program on my computer. Can any one help. Lost!!


the most recent point release of riteMail for Windows (version 2.5.59 and up) includes support to import .dhw files created by the Acecad Digimemo… this means you can import pages of notes right off the DigiMemo and convert them to text with the riteMail 2.5 ANR feature!



Oh My Gosh

Why didn’t I see this the past 7 years while I have been in college? This sucks considering this is my last semester.

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