$500 iMAC?

Think Secret, which has a Barry Bonds like record when it comes to reporting news about Apple, (it has gotten them sued you know by Apple!) is reporting that Apple will introduce a barebones iMAC powered by 1.25 GHz G4 processor on January 11, at the MacWorld. At that price point, this could be the ultimate inducement for iPod lovers to switch to Apple platform.

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to design a bare-bones PC,” said one source familiar with the project. “What it takes is a team of marketing and software experts to find the right mix to convince Windows users to buy a Mac at a price that is not much more than the cost of an iPod.”

So what does barebones really means? No monitor for starters! A hard drive between 40-to-80 GB, 256 MB of memory, USB 2.0, Fire Wires, Ethernet, Modem and Airport extreme support, all packed into a 2-inch or so high body. DVI/VGA support to add all the LCD goodness, and of course the sensational OS-X. You may call it a low-end machine, but this machine will definitely be a worthy addition to any desktop! Did someone say some minor market share gain for the company! I have a feeling that this could be initially targeted at the educational market, where Apple is losing ground to cheap Dell PCs. So this was the other shoe that was going to drop!


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