Tragedy in South Asia and How to Help!

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I have taken a long time in writing something about the tsunami/earthquake tragedy in South and South East Asia. It is not because I did not want to say something, it was because I was too emotionally vested and perhaps could not put two words together that made sense. The very though of kids being torn from their parents, lovers sperated, and just plain folk being forced to face the wrath of nature, with nary a warning. We dream of digital nirvana, when we are nothing but mere matchsticks in this giant cosmic scheme.

For once, I would like a year where there is no tragedy… no deaths. I hope you can all pray to your respective gods, and perhaps say a silent prayer to all those who have lost life. Death doesn’t know color, religion, country or gender. It is the brutal finality of our lives. Perhaps we can better this live by helping others.

I want to bring to your attention some links where you can contribute and help. Indian Prime Minister Relief Fund is the quickest way to get relief in that country. The San Francisco Chronicle has compiled a list of all American agencies working on relief and aid for the tragedy struck region. If you can, even $5 will help. That’s what you spend on your toll charges every day. Lets take a little cue from Nick Bradbury. Another place to get information on how to help, is Tsunami Help blog. Command Post also has a how to help page!

There are others who are doing a good job of keeping on top of this, folks like Jeff Jarvis,Ron Morris Jeff Ooi, Glenn Reynoldsand Command Post.

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