Skype, an IM Killer?


Andy points to a report on Pacific Epoch which says that there might be 2 million users of Skype’s chinese version. And then asks the most important question: “Everyone looks at Skype’s impact on telephony, but what about on IM? Of late I personally have been having more chats with people using Skype, than on the other services. While some of my ‘buddies’ seem to still be tied to older IM clients, the rest of the people I have been chatting with seem to be appearing on Skype.” Oh Oh… it is time for Yahoo, MSN and AOL to get their VoIP groove on, fast!



Is it legal to communicate using SKYPE PC to PC from us to India ?

My understanding is that SKYPE should be a licensed ISP (Which they may already be) in India to use it for business.

Extract from
“Only ISP licensees are permitted, within their service area, to offer VOIP services”

Any help is appreciated.

leo prieto

That guy has obviously never seen iChat, much less used iChat’s AV features. I’ve had meetings from hotel lobbies while travelling, with clients all over the world, with the magic combination: iChat + iSight.


I don’t think IM has anything to worry anything for now, but Skype adoption is something which is certainly very important and can have an impact on the future I think. I am pretty sure, when there are about 5 million users or more, then SKype as an IM becomes a major influence.


I don’t think IM needs to worry about Skype. Probably the opposite as IM gains two-way voice. But typed p2p communication is quite a bit different from voice.

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