Don’t buy that stolen (GSM) phone


Mobile Monday says that the GSM Association (GSMA), the global trade association for the world’s GSM mobile operators, has set-up a database that can track stolen GSM phones. Here is how it works – local operators upload a list of stolen phones and their information into their database, which is uploaded to a central repository maintained by GSMA. Anytime tries to buy-or-sell a stolen phone, bingo: you are nailed.



I have recieved a phone and i think it may be stolen as it doesn’t allow me to ring anyone. it says ‘call barring has been activated on this phone’ and when i try and deactivate call barring it says ‘ operation ended by network’.
Is it stolen?? If so, what do I do with the phone. If not can you help?


my friend lost his nokia gsm phone which was pretty new just a couple of weeks ago and no one ever got cought so i dunno if this system is working or its just for america as where in canada?

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