ITunes Store Down?

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itunestoreerror.jpg I have been dying to buy the new 50 Cent single, Disco Inferno, so this morning, I decided that perhaps it is time to visit ITunes store. Looks like the server/store is experiencing some serious slowdown. Marc sent me an email saying “I tried to purchase some music on itunes this morning and keep getting the message ‘Network connection refused. there was an error with the music store.’” Looks like everyone who got IPod for christmas is out shopping for music. That’s about 4 million new iPodders! I am told that iTunes store gift cards are also a hot giveaway this Xmas season. Whatever it is, looks like Steve Jobs is having a jolly christmas, if not his network operators.

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Andy Abramson

I was able to get in. Then again, I’m sitting at a Starbucks in Santa Clara so Curpertino isn’t that far away.

It looks to me like the authentication servers are the issue, not the CDN, which I think is either Akamai or Speedera that’s the problem.

They must be running on Macs !

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